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The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) Movie Review

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Written by Rita Mae Brown

Directed by Amy Holden Jones

An eighteen-year-old high school girl is left at home by her parents and she decides to have a slumber party. There is friction between some of the invited guests and the new girl, who is better at basketball than they, so the new girl decides to stay at home (which is conveniently across the street from the host’s house). Meanwhile, a murderer of five people with a propensity for power tools has escaped and is at large, and eventually makes his way to the party, where the guests begin experiencing an attrition problem, with only the new girl to help them.

If you look for them, you’ll find some glowing reviews for this VHS classic. Seriously, you will. There are reviews waxing on about the feminist agenda of the film and it’s commentary on life in the 80’s, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know about these subtle themes that, uh, enrich this horror classic, but I do know a decent 80’s slasher flick when I see it. TSPM is rich with over-the-top murders, gratuitous nudity, bad acting, a razor-thin plot, and a ridiculous villain.

Did no one own a freaking razor in the 80’s?

This is another horror film with a warning. That being, be nice at school or a psychotic murderer will come to your house and drill your face in. Maybe it’s a warning to parents to never leave your teenagers at home, because their sexy, nudity-filled slumber party will surely attract a killer with an affinity for power tools. I’m not sure what the warning is at his point.

“Yeah, let’s play some beer pong. Just let me check on my frozen hooker.”

Starting it’s opening moments with an unnecessary nude scene, this sets the tone for the remainder of this movie. You’ve read the synopsis, so there isn’t much I can add. I watched this in the early 80’s when my tiny hick town finally got a video rental store. Forget Blockbuster, we had Main Street Video. Based solely on the cover, this was quick to make it back to my vcr. This was one to watch after mom went to bed, you know, because of the copious nudity. While I have a nostalgic love for flicks like this, I can’t honestly call it a good horror film. It is a great cheesy slasher flick though.

Is that so wrong?

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6 Comments on The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) Movie Review

    I’ve Only Seen This One…
    …10 Times?…
    …Maybe 12?
    Quality Pickin’s, Sir, Fo SHO!

    • Sounds like you’re the ultimate Slumber Party Massacre fanboy.

      • I’m Just a ’70s And ’80s Horror JUNKIE.
        I Mean, I’ve Got Stuff Going Back To The 1920s, All The Way Up To Modern Day… But The Late Late 60s Horror Was Great, But The 70s and 80s Were IT! hehehe
        It’s All About What Ya Grew Up With, I Suppose.
        I’m The Guy That Saw “PSYCHO II” and “PSYCHO III” A Couple YEARS Before I Saw The Original hehehe
        I Know, I’m A Reeeeal Winner šŸ˜‰

      • The 70’s and 80’s were blowing up. My wife decided she wanted to see Slumber Party Massacre too, so I literally just watched it again. I have April Fools Day on deck now. 80’s horror night.


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