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Left Hand Horror Interview: Fatal Pictures Richard Powell & Zach Green

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Left Hand Horror was thrilled to interview actor, Robert Nolan, star of Familiar, the newest short film from Fatal Pictures. Today, we’re joined by Zach Green and Richard Powell, co-creators of Fatal Pictures. Let’s clear out the Fister meth lab for a few minutes and get down to business.

1. Fatal Pictures was formed in 2007. Tell us a little about how Fatal came to be.

Zach: FP was formed in 2007 after me and partner, Richard Powell, had made a few short films after both graduating film school in Toronto in 2003. We had both decided it was ready to properly market our first film which was “Consumption” (2008).

2. “Consumption”, a 30 minute horror film, was your first project together. How did this get off the ground? Why horror?

Richard: There was a desire to really invest in ourselves and take a risk on a project and Consumption became that project. Zach and I were eager to make new connections and work with people who we could learn from and rely on. It was during Consumption we came to meet The Butcher Shop, the special fx team we still collaborate with to this day. The reason for horror was an easy one, I grew up on the genre and had a cool little story I wanted to tell. The rest is history!

3. Pandering to the fans: your favorite horror films?

Richard: I love the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night and Dawn of the Dead and more recently I really appreciate Von triers Anti-Christ.

4. You are currently involved in your first feature-length film. Give us the details and no one gets hurt.

Richard: The script is complete but going through polishes at the moment. Things are early but we are excited and confident. Worm will be a perfect debut feature for

Fatal Pictures and we can’t wait to get it going.

5. Being an independent film production company obviously gives you a ton of freedom, what is your typical process of getting the idea on film?

Richard: It starts with brainstorming and when I feel I’ve found an idea that works I stew on it for a while and work out the finer details. At a certain point I discuss the ideas with Zach and get his thoughts. Once we are sold on a concept I get to writing. After writing, Zach and I set out to find a talented team to help us realize our film. We see the entire project through all the stages of production which is an incredibly enriching experience. We both appreciate the wide array of skill sets involved in making films and we take every opportunity to meet and learn from the individuals who lend us their skills.

6. Worm was filmed using the super expensive 16mm film, and it looks amazing, what is the benefit of using 16mm?

Richard: In this age of digital everything there was a novel, almost romantic notion to shooting film. It made the project that much more ambitious, intimidating and ultimately informative. 16 mm also looks amazing and gives our story that much more depth and beauty. Personally, shooting film taught me a lot about the craft and discipline of film-making. I learned to make my shots count and prepare like a madman, skills I plan to bring into every future film project, film or digital. We shot Familiar on the RED camera but I treated the takes as though they were shot on film, this ensures a greater focus and efficiency.

7. How did you first become aware of Robert Nolan? He was a total lunatic to interview, by the way. I hope he’s better behaved on set.

Zach: I first became aware of Mr. Nolan back in 2008, when i was looking to cast “Worm” an actress i had previously worked with had referred me to Robert.

8. This is reserved for shameless self-promotion, go nuts and share anything and everything on your mind.

Zach: I would like to let everyone know where you can find ALL things FP. Updates/Reviews/Interviews








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Familiar (2012)

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5 Comments on Left Hand Horror Interview: Fatal Pictures Richard Powell & Zach Green

  1. Great interview, Fister!!
    I checked out the sites you listed but I don’t see any information as to when and how I can see these films. Can you help?
    I saw something mentioned about Horror Film Fests but I am impatient and don’t know of any in my area until May-ish or later.
    Thanks 😀

  2. Great question! I’ve asked the proper authorities. I would really love a DVD for these three. Blu Ray with tons of extras.

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