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Left Hand Horror Interviews A Game of Thrones Comic Artist, Tommy Patterson

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I’m sure I’m like a lot of nerds right now, I can’t wait for the return of HBO’s Game of Thrones. While the show is fantastic in nearly every regard, there are other GOT mediums out there. Tommy Patterson is the current artist for Dynamite Comics’ A Game of Thrones, and what a comic it is. Check these panels out.

Quite bad ass.

And here we go with our interview with comic artist, Tommy Patterson.

1. You broke into comics with your work on Far Scape, how did you get your big break?

My pal Ryan Stegman had a art collector guy named Paolo Belfiore than started repping artists. He suggested me to Paolo and he bagan shopping me around. The Farscape job was my third tryout. I had to do quite a few samples and finally won them over.

2. Was artwork something that sucked you in from a young age?

Yeah I remember my brothers drawing skulls with batwings and joints haha. So I kinda drew the same stuff. Then one day the library had a bookmarker contest and I saw the winner and thought “I can do that” So pretty much then on I was the class artist. My mom encouraged me so much. She really believed in me and bought whatever supplies I needed so the path was cleared and I took advantage.

3. What comics/artists made the biggest impact on you and what do you enjoy reading now?

I loved Rob Liefeld then my friends insisted I look at Jim Lee. So Rob, Jim, Frazetta and Michael Golden all went into the mix. Though I am on Game of Thrones my core is superhero stuff. I have to fight myself from making Thrones look like Fantastic Four or something. Currently I’m into Capullo and Sean Murphy.

4. Game of Thrones is kind of an overwhelming gig, what’s it like being given the keys to the source material?

I was a month or so in before the show hit. I knew it was bigtime but then things got out of control. I got stage fright on issue 3 once the ratings came in. Our book is its own thing and has nothing to do with the show but there is a shared energy. I am stupid lucky. Preparation meets opportunity they say. Whatever it is I love where I’m at and what I’m doing.

5. *Draw Over* allows you to work with aspiring artists, tell us how you came to be involved in this.

My artist buddies and I all help each other out from time to time so I was used to the critique part. Anyone that’s anyone gets critiques. You have blind spots to your own work. Tyler asked me if I was interested and I said yes. I would love to do more if time allowed but I am too busy to do it as regularly as I would like. To be honest I put enough in the 5 or so I’ve done that if you break it down and really listen you have enough info to improve. The same critiques STILL apply to me.

6. What do you do in your downtime?

Draw random stuff not related to Game of Thrones. I love playing and watching basketball and I started pumping iron for the first time really ever. I do that and hang out with the family. Not a whole lot of down time.

7. Here’s your big chance to gush, plug, ramble, or spaz out any way you like, go nuts!

I would like to guide people to the lost keys to learning. So much of what we do and say is programming. As humans our one really special ability is to reason. I feel that has been stripped away from us and it’s cause damage to everything. is an intro to a system of critical thinking. I realized about four years ago that I spent my whole life learning how to learn. Once I figured that out, I improved at a faster rate. I learned as much in three years as I had the previous 15. Then I ran across the trivium and the Ultimate History Lesson and it explained why it took so long. I should take more time on this part because I am rambling haha whoops! Back to drawing. P.S. I can’t stress enough how awesome the trivium is.

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  1. why Daenerys’s bellu is so muscular? She’s just after pregnancy, that’s impossible! 🙂

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