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Pontypool Movie Review

Article by Amanda Tullos from Mandy’s Morgue of Horror

What could be worse than spending another crappy Valentine’s Day alone, drowning your sorrows into a box of cheap chocolate? Probably spending your day trapped inside a local radio station during a zombie apocalypse. For radio DJ, Grant Mazzy, his new gig in the town of Pontypool gives him a little more than he bargained for when the local residents mysteriously become violent.

Pontypool, directed by Bruce McDonald, is a psychological thriller adapted by Tony Burgess from his novel, “Pontypool Changes Everything.” The film centers around a Howard Stern-esque radio jockey (Mazzy), his producer Sydney, and technical assistant, Laurel-Ann, as strange occurrences begin happening on the outskirts of their Ontario town. [full review]

1 Comment on Pontypool Movie Review

  1. We loved it…. but then again, we’re fans of Bruce McDonald, horror and the absurd. It took me years to finally watch it, though… I should sometimes listen to my wife without arguing…

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