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“Creak” Short Film Review

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Written & Directed by Luther Bhogal-Jones

I received a very enthusiastic email today from filmmaker, Luther Bhogal-Jones. This was one of those little things that helps make your day. Mr. Bhogal-Jones explained that he enjoys making these shorts because they don’t monopolize his time the way longer, feature-length films do.

Creak is a five-minute horror short dealing with two women who literally hear something creak in the middle of the night. Of course getting up and investigating creepy nocturnal sounds isn’t limited to men here across the pond. Our female lead bravely/stupidly gets out of bed to investigate the eerie distraction.

Creak is filmed well. Each scene is framed nicely. The acting is believable for the circumstance, making you hope the protagonist really doesn’t find anything. The sound engineer for this film deserves a hearty deal of acknowledgement, making each and every footstep give your heart pause for sanity. Even my dog was getting in on the act.

This five-minute short is great all the way around. Concise, effective, and old school creepy; you never find out what caused the noise, but it’s more than clear that something did.


Watch the video here.

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