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Damaged #1 Comic Book Review

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Created by: Michael Schwarz & John Schwarz
Written by: David Lapham
Executive Producer: Sam Worthington
Illustrated by: Leonardo Manco

After committing a bloody massacre on a criminal ring, two cops – and brothers – decide to take separate paths: one to uphold the law, the other to do what the law cannot stomach. 35 years later, veteran cop Frank Lincoln takes one last assignment, investigating a gruesome string of vigilante killings with echoes from his past. But as his estranged brother prepares for retirement and trains his brutal replacement, Frank has one last chance to find redemption, and put a stop to the cycle of murder.

Damaged was my entry point into Radical Comics. This first issue is so well made that I’ve literally cursed myself for not getting into this six issue run sooner than I did. Take my word for it; Damaged is a seriously hard-boiled and gritty police drama that uses violence like an artists brush.

The artwork is this book is amazing. My first thought was “Holy shit. How long did this issue take to create?” The detail and attention to each and every frame is downright impressive. Kudos to this creative team. Once again I’m kicking myself for taking this long to discover the Damaged series.

Full of scumbag criminals and rogue cops with something to prove, Damaged is as much Dirty Harry as it is a comic. The action is well-defined and makes for a strong contrast against the greenhorn cop that wants to get things done by the book. It’s really a classic cop drama punctuated with a strong noir story, characters, and bad ass artwork.

Want more info? You can visit Radical’s comprehensive website right here.

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