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Fister’s Devil Music of the Day: Clutch “Electric Worry”

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“Fans of comic books, corn-fed hip-hop, wrestling and bobbing your head in a rhythmic fashion will undoubtedly get whipped into a frenzy by Clutch’s groove machine; their ballsy brand of Sabbath-esque boogie woogie just seems to get better with age.”

Edwin McFee

Very astute, Mr. McFee. Clutch deliver stripped-down, but never watered-down pure rock fury. No leather pants, spiked wrist gauntlets, cans of  hairspray or even Satan himself were required to propel Clutch to the heights of metal super stardom; their gut-wrenching riffs and colorful brand of metal did all the work.

Surely seeing some new and renewed interest after their perfectly placed song, The Regulator, appeared in The Walking Dead episode, “Nebraska“, last night, Clutch get another day to shine at Left Hand Horror. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Electric Worry from the Clutch album Strange Cousins from the West.

Enjoy, kids.

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