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Vacancy Movie Review (2007)

I forgot that I had bought it a year ago in some bargin bin and never watched it.  I waspretty suspensed!  It starred Frank “Say-what-one-more-time” Whaley, Ethan Embry,Luke “monotone” Wilson, and Kate Beckinsale.

David and Amy Fox (Wilson, Beckinsale) are traveling home from a family get together.  While Amy is sleeping in the car David takes a back road to avoid traffic on the interstate.  David is surprised by a raccoon in the road and swerves to miss it. This startles Amy awake and she’s pissed that they are now lost in the middle of no where late at night.  It’s made prominent that their marriage is ending due to the death of their child. In the midst of their lover’s-no-more quarrel a thud comes from their engine.

They pull over to the only gas station in sight and are startled by a man who comes to the driver’s window. They explain thier dilemma and he takes a look under the hood.  He claims they’re good to go and directs them back to the interstate. A couple miles down the road the car breaks down and they decide to walk back to the station for help.

So, I was in the mood to watch something suspenseful and I decided upon Vacancy.

They go to the neighboring motel and enter to hear a woman screaming. The creepy innkeeper (Whaley) exits the back room and tells them they won’t be able to recieve help until morning and advises them to stay the night. David and Amy are disturbed by the innkeeper, but see they have no other choice.

The motel room is run-down and no sooner than a few minutes after entering loud bangs are coming from all windows and doors and then abruptly stops. They think someone from the joining room is playing games and David goes to the front desk to confront the innkeeper about the disturbance. He tells them they are the only guests there and suggests that a squatter may be in the room next door.

David returns to their room and decides to watch t.v. He puts a vhs tape into the vcr.  It’s a couple being attacked in a rundown motel room. He looks around and realizes that he and Amy are in the very room and that this is a snuff video. He informs Amy that there must be video cameras are watching them and that this will most likely happen to them as well.

David leaves the room and is chased by a masked man. He makes it back to the room just in time to avoid attack. A trucker pulls into the lot and David and Amy bang on the window of their room to get his attention. It appears that he’s about to come toward them to help then they see that he’s in cahoots with the innkeeper and the masked man (the man who had earlier helped them with their car.

The trucker was there to buy a box of these snuff films. David devises a plan to outsmart these crazed criminals. They find an intricate crawl space system beneath the entire motel and crawl through to the back room of the main office. They realize that these men are making money selling these torture films. Vacancy becomes a film of a battle of wits.  Good against evil and which one will prevail. If you’re looking for a cheaply done manicure and by that I mean chewing off all your nails in suspense, see this film.

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