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Final Destination 5 Movie Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

Directed by Stephen Quale

Written by Eric Heisserer & Jeffrey Reddeck

Survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there’s no way you can cheat Death.

I find it hilarious that so many horror movie reviewers have taken this film seriously enough to write hostile and pissed off reviews. It’s a Final Destination movie…one shot in 3D…were any of us expecting something so grand that we felt personally let down? No? I expected curiously gruesome decapitations and clever kills. If that’s where you’re expectations end, then you’re in luck.

When the first FD was released twelve years ago, it was a fresh and new spin on death for horror fans. Shot in painful detail with smart deaths, Final Destination was bound to become a long-lasting franchise. This last installment follows the same path of success, offering great visuals and creative kills all the way to the bloody end.

“I should have gone to LensCrafters.”

There isn’t anything new that FD5 offers. It knows what it does best and keeps delivering on that premise. I would consider myself a seasoned horror movie fan to say the least, and I love a bloody good kill, but this movie starts the Squirm-O-Meter on high, and never lets up. There are some gruesome kills this time around, kills that made me a little anxious as I watched them unfold. I dare you not get a little antsy during the gymnastic death. It’s funny how much weight a tiny little screw can carry.

Looks like another last place in regionals…

If you want to kick back with a beer and watch Death catch up to a bunch of kids that should have died, then you’ll enjoy this. If the song Rocky Mountain High caused some trauma the first time through, then Dust in the Wind might this time around. The new production team set the stakes high with the bridge collapse and never let up from there. FD5 plays on its strengths in this installment, and is sure to give the casual viewer their five bucks worth. It’s fun and one dimensional regardless of the 3D option. Queue it up and start gritting you teeth now.

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4 Comments on Final Destination 5 Movie Review

  1. I just watched this new installment and to be honest wasn’t expecting much because, like you said above, this is the 5th installment and shot in 3D. That being said, I thought it was very good… for a FD flick. They did not take the conventional approach that the other sequels have with the ending… So, what did you think of the ending? I loved it!! Thought it was a very clever way to change it up from the norm and the other 4 sequels.

  2. SIster Roboto // March 5, 2012 at 11:00 am // Reply

    I should’ve gone to LensCrafters, lol! We watched this last night, it was entertaining 🙂 I did enjoy how everything came together at the end with the first, nice concept.

  3. Yep. It could have been much worse. That gymnastics scene was making me sweat.

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