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The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #5 Comic Book Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Tradd Moore & Felipe Sobreiro

If you’ve followed my reviews of this fantastic comic, then you already know this title makes me gush. Issue #5 will be no exception.

Luther rushes home, fearing for his mother and Pete. He’s relieved to find them safe for the time being. Across town, Petra is being held as bait by a bunch of goons. Eventually, The Librarian comes face to face with Luther’s mother and Pete.

What an issue. The stakes have been raised considerably when all is said and done. There are three deadly serious scenarios all moving with seamless continuity within the pages of #5. Luther’s mom and Pete meet The Librarian, a kidnapped Petra sees what Luther is really capable of, and most importantly, our “hero” connects with the dark power flowing in his veins.

Luther finds Petra and the thugs holding her. The resulting carnage is horrific in such an amazing way. We’ve had the nervous pleasure of watching Luther come to terms with his power, heading down the path of a hero and of a murderous avenger simultaneously. It feels very authentic and true to character when he finally loses it. What a slug-fest.

When The Librarian shows up at Luther’s home, Pete is the true hero of this issue. Armed with his wits and traditional weapons, he sure manages to get the full attention of our villain. Sadly, not everyone makes it out alive this time around.

The stage is set for the sixth and (for now?) final issue of this runaway hit. I’m confident that the brawl between The Librarian and Luther is going to be a work of violent art. Where this ends is anyone’s call. I’m hoping this ends in such a way as to keep this bad ass title alive in an ongoing series. Don’t wait for the TPB. Run out to your local comic store and pick this up.

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