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Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings Movie Review

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Written & Directed by Declan O’Brien

A group of friends decide to go snowmobiling during their winter break. They make a “wrong turn”, getting lost in a storm.

This movie is 100% awesome. There is a fine line between a terrible horror movie and a terribly awesome horror movie. This is the latter. If you’re expecting a gore-filled trip down Bad Acting Lane, then you’re in luck. Filmed surprisingly well, this one serves up some severe terror. I’ll admit that I was ready to run this into the ground sight unseen.

I didn’t see WT2 or 3, so I can’t speak for the continuity of this flick. I’m sure it’s super important, right? Complete with an origins story (snicker), Wrong Turn 4 sheds some light on the background of this inbred trio of cannibalistic West Virginians. Yeah, knowing how Three Finger, One Eye, and Saw Tooth came to be REALLY gave these characters depth.

Not really. Come on.

Lost in the mountains, a group of hot twenty-somethings seek shelter in an abandoned sanatorium for the night as a huge blizzard blows in. Of course they get stoned, have sex, and disrespect the hospital as the three inbreds stalk from the shadows.

This movie is full of terrible acting as expected, but totally delivers when it comes to the horrific murders. If you can sit through the kills without cringing, well, you have bigger horror balls than me.

You’ll find yourself rooting for the dwindling survivors to actually escape. The make-up effects are so genuinely disgusting, you almost have no choice but to root for the friends to survive. I give this flick props for creative use of barbed wire.*cringe*

Don’t put this in your collection next to The Exorcist, but fans of bad horror will love this one. This is the perfect flick for sitting around with friends and yelling at the television. Fans of nudity, drinking and drug use, and hillbilly murders will eat this up.


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