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Deadhorse #3 Comic Book Review

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Chapter Three: Unexplained Creatures of Mystery

Elise, Edgar, and Pike find a common goal but not before the Sasquatch has it out with public transportation.

Available 2.1.12 at Deadhorse.

Man, this comic has been an absolute pleasure to review every month. Much like The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, I find myself anxious for the story to progress and fill in the blanks, but I’m already mourning it’s inevitable end. Such is the conflicted complexity for lovers of well made comic books.

Remember last month when I demanded MOAR SASQUATCH? Well, more Sasquatch we get. I’m not going to spoil it or give you a panel by panel review. You’re going to make it a point to read this on your own. I know my readers, like myself, are always on the lookout for standout titles amongst the multitudes of comics assaulting our brains and wallets every month. Deadhorse stands out in every conceivable way.

This title succeeds for several reasons. It’s a great indie/digital comic packed with quirky/relatable characters, deep mystery, and fantastic dialogue. The biggest reason Deadhorse succeeds is because the artist and writer clearly love what they’re doing, and that is obvious on each and every page.

This is why I love reading comics!

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