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I Spit on Your Grave (2010) Movie Review

Left Hand Horror would like to take a moment to welcome our newest contributor from The Sparrow Will Rise. She has a love for writing that lends itself well to horror movie reviews. On a side note, she never ever likes the movies I suggest to her. Feel free to welcome her AND give her a hard time. You can view her site here.

So, I saw this movie I Spit on Your Grave.  It’s a remake of the 1978 film of the same title.  It’s one of these rape-revenge deals and boy was it rape-revenge-tastic!  It started out well and very realistic, but the acting was just not right for me.  I do recommend seeing it.  Especially as a woman, it’s hard to watch, but I think it’s good to understand this very real tragedy.

We’ve got a pretty city girl, three sadomasochistic hillbillies, a dirty sheriff, and a mentally disabled guy. Jennifer Hills (the pretty city girl played by Sarah Butler) rents a cabin in the country to get away for a bit to write a novel.  Before she arrives at the cabin she gets a little lost and stops for gas.  At the station she encounters the three dopey hillbillies.  The ring leader of the bunch, Johnny, gives her directions then tries to put his slimy-sly moves on her.  To startle him away she pushes the panic button on her key ring embarrassing him in front of his friends.  Later at the cabin we see her unpack several bottles of wine meant to last her the entire several month stay.  She soon sees that the toilet is in need of repair and calls the cabin owner who sends out the disabled young man, Mathew, to repair it.  To thank him she gives him a tiny innocent kiss and we see that he has a crush on her.  Later, our super smart, jobless, hillbillies are smashing beers in the woods and decide to take Mathew to the cabin to lose his virginity to Jennifer.  Before Dawn, Jennifer is awaken by strange sounds and goes to investigate.  She returns to see her computer’s desk top picture has been changed to a picture of our loser hillbillies.  Creepy.  They’ve been in/are in the house.

Soon Jennifer is surrounded and is forced to kiss the barrel of a gun and perform fellatio on a bottle of liquor.  One of the men video tapes the entire thing.  She pleas with these men and offers money, but they’re not leaving anytime soon.  We can see that the innocent Mathew is upset by these sexually violent acts toward Jennifer.  Jenifer escapes and runs into the woods where she runs into two men hunting, one of them being the man she rented the cabin from.  She protests that she’s been sexually assaulted and the second man reveals himself to be a sheriff.  He takes her back to the cabin to check it out and finds several empty wine bottles and doobies.  He inappropriately pats her down and the hillbilly heroes show up again.  She realizes they’re in cahoots with the sheriff and then the true violation begins.

She’s pleading for her safety while the sheriff uses the barrel of his shotgun to pull her clothes down revealing her breasts in front of the other men and taking her pants off.  I’m my opinion she’s not putting up much of a fight to keep her innocence, but I don’t know how my instinct would react when there’s a shotgun pointed at me.  Finally the men take her down and force Mathew to rape her.  I can see that he’s uncomfortable, but maybe he feels that if he does, the other men won’t hurt her any further.  After the ordeal she apathetically gets up and walks out the door through the woods, almost zombie like.  These men know she won’t get far and in just a few moments they meet up again. Jennifer is pushed down into the mud and her head held under water, then she is brutally anal raped by the sheriff and each of the men take their turn tormenting this woman. The video recorder is placed in front of her with the screen turned toward her so she can watch her own rape while it’s happening.

This beautiful girl is now painted in dirt and mud and stripped down to pure animal instinct.  She once again get’s up in a zombified state, clearly in shock of what’s happened.  She slowly walks to the bridge with the men following her, snickering as if they’re pleased with themselves.  The sheriff plans to kill her to rid of the evidence, but Jennifer gracefully falls from the bridge to the river below.  After splitting up in search, her body isn’t found and they all go back to their mundane lives-for the time being.  Mathew is still visibly shaken and looks as though he’ll never recover from the things he witnessed done to this innocent woman and the crime he can’t believe he was capable of committing.

This is where the movie turns into a poorly executed film to me, although most of the revenge scenes did make me squeamish.  Jennifer is still alive, having survived in the woods living on what nature could offer.  You can see in her eye that the innocent woman is no longer there, but a vigilante who’s lost her mind and is consumed by the thought of making these men suffer .  She exacts revenge on these five men in the most unbelievable ways.  One girl alone could not have pulled off these revenge crimes. I mean, I was definitely holding my own eyeballs and squealing which is always a good reaction while watching a horror flick, but it just seems a little too much.  Or after this kind of terror and torment is inflicted upon an innocent person is it possible?…


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