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The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #4 Comic Book Review

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Luther Strode was one of 2011’s best surprises. It’s clever, ultra-violent, self-aware, funny, and Luther is one of the most likable characters we been introduced to in a long time. This issue finally gives us some history on the mysterious man dressed in the vest and bow-tie – The Librarian.

While we watched Luther make his change from a bullied high school kid to the powerful hero we know now, The Librarian was out there brutally murdering people with his eye on Strode. Luther learns more about the book that gave him his powers as The Librarian makes his dominance clear. The action scenes are done so well that you can almost feel the fillings rattling in your teeth.

While we learn that the book has existed for ages, drawing people in that share a sense of purpose, the ultimate reveal is intentionally vague. It’s a very exciting kind of vague though, leaving me to use my imagination on some of the finer details It’s crystal clear that The Librarian being a man of purpose, greater callings, and hyper-violence. The origin of The Librarian adds a new layer of complexity to this already amazing title.

Everything about Luther Strode is nearly sublime. I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s stocked with people we can relate to, people we can hate, crisp and clean art detailing some of the best comic violence I’ve ever seen, and to top it off, Luther Strode is a genuinely humble comic at it’s core. The story is stripped down to deliver a fun reading experience without unneeded and convoluted sub-plots that are way too common today. Go buy this comic.

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