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The New Avengers #20 Comic Book Review

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Bendis has spent the last few issues building to the destructive brawl between Luke’s Avengers and Osborne’s newest tier one Dark Avengers team. This issue doesn’t disappoint as our heroes finally start the brawl against these newest imposters. #20 is 99% action.

We’re given some nice one on one fights in this issue, most notably the bitter fight between Cage and Osborne and Skaar versus Iron Fist. Seeing Skaar get the full Iron Fist punch was the high point of this battle. Ai Aepec as the new Sinister Spider-Man was a big disappointment, as was the usually brutal Gorgon, both being cut down before I expected. The amount of Spidey costumes being used at any given time is getting to be a bit much as we watch the white FF Spidey settle in against the black costumed Ai Aepec. Pete must spend more time changing than any other Avenger.

The big moment in this issue was seeing Cage get his ass handed to him by Norman. You just never know what brand of epic evil the guy has aligned himself with at any given time. The New Avengers don’t exactly level the joint this time around. An all but incapacitated Dr. Strange saves the day with the Vishanti Spell of Mass Illusion. Maybe “saves the day” is a stretch. When the dust settles we see a familiar hammer-wielding god descend.

Spider-Man: “Oh, great. They have a Thor.”

The issue #21 teaser reads “RAGNAROK”. Looks like The New Avengers can count on some ass beatings in the very near future.



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  1. Awesome review. I was on the fence about getting this but I’m buying it for sure next chance I get!

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