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Please Welcome, Miss Sister Roboto!

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Yes, that’s a great photo of my favorite Darkstalker, Morrigan. If you guys are done pervin’ out, I’d like to welcome my new contributor, Miss Sister Roboto!

Here she is at the Moon Mixer circa 1979. She was SO high on pain pills. I think she’s cleaned up her act a lot since then.

Sister Roboto is a dear friend and fellow lover of all things horror. I’m thrilled that she is stepping into the role of contributor here at She was a best “man” in my wedding, loves craft beer, and hangs out with me at haunted locations like Bobby Mackey’s Music World in her down time.

You’ll be seeing more and more articles from her as she finds her groove . Sister Roboto is a skilled graphic artist and part-time counselor for recovering sex addicts. Please make her feel welcome. You can follow her on Twitter @SisterRoboto.


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2 Comments on Please Welcome, Miss Sister Roboto!

  1. sisterroboto // January 19, 2012 at 8:34 am // Reply

    Thanks for that heartfelt introduction. I’m happy to be a contributor to the site as a female perspective 🙂 Hope I don’t disappoint!

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