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Fister’s Roboto’s Best Comics of 2011

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2011 was a good year to be a fan of comic books. That is evidenced by the amount of long boxes and random stacks of comics littered throughout my house. I honestly read more this year than any other. Here’s a quick list of what held my attention this past year.

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man

Bendis, along with Sara Pichelli, Justin Ponsor, Cory Peiti, and Kaare Andrews, have created my favorite new comic of the year. Miles Morales is the new Spider-Man, a reluctant teen that develops some familiar talents. Miles is very likeable, and you find yourself cheering for him the same way you did Pete. I can’t stress how genuine this comic is. If you read just one more Spidey title besides ASM, please choose this one.

The New Avengers

I love me some New Avengers. I’m biased, I admit that, but that doesn’t make the team of Bendis and Deodato any less awesome. Osborne is back and he’s fueling an anti-Avengers public outcry. Norman does a great job of juggling his public persona and his evil genius, putting together a new Dark Avengers from the shadows.

The New Avengers have seen a lot of change this year. I’m anxious to see the newly added, Daredevil, jump into action as this war inches closer.

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

I can’t stop telling people how wonderful this comic is. It felt right from the moment I opened it. The origin story has instant old school clout in my opinion. This comic was such a great surprise. It’s self-aware and full of horror movie and comic lore; a tip of the hat to legends like John Carpenter. I’m already nervous for the end of this six issue run.


Genetically altered bed bugs infect New York with spider-powers and now everyone’s a web-slinger, and Pete is lost in the fray. Any Spider-Man fan has just cause to get nervous when The Jackal makes an appearance, but things stay believable through this arc.

The build up to the battle with the Spider-Queen was so well done. Slott has turned a sadly dull title back into a powerhouse of it’s former self.

Batman – Detective Comics

Tony Daniels has more than exceeded my expectations. Not only has he given us a uniquely original Batman title, but he also helped pull a Marvel guy deeply into the DC Universe. The Dollmaker is a new character worthy of being in Batman’s rogue’s gallery. This comic has action sequences unlike any other Batman title, and the pacing is nearly perfect. Issue #4 brings the end of the current arc – a perfect time to add it to your pull list.

The Uncanny X-Force

Wolverine’s clandestine team faces one of it’s greatest threats in the Dark Angel Saga. If you read Age of Apocalypse, you having something to be excited about. Remender writes these dark characters with style and passion. There is so much to be said about developing these very complex characters with such care. Tan’s art makes you want to take your time from page to page.

In The Dark Angel run, Archangel delves further into his dark persona and begins to grow ever stronger. He plots to kill all life on earth and effectively reboot all evolution. Dark Beast has a great role in this arc that features so many classic X-Men villains.

Uncanny X-Force is one of Marvel’s most consistent titles. The team consisting of Wolverine, Deadpool, Phantomex, Psylocke in their black ops roles makes for a darker mainstream hit.


Holy shit. If you aren’t reading Thunderbolts – just go do it.

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  1. Tony S. Daniel is the man and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table in 2012!

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