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Avengers #20 Comic Book Review

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Bendis has succeeded in making me look forward to the eventual HAMMER war as much as this new team of Dark Avengers. The new Dark Avengers take a back seat in the issue while the focus of the story goes to Osborne’s public media war with the reeling Avengers. The decidedly more underground feel to his plot gives this  bigger super villain street cred to me. I love seeing Osborne working in the shadows; a place he is very familiar with.

It’s strange to see our team so disjointed by Norman’s accusations in the press. He was held without a trial? This is his public beef with the Avengers which just acts as an entry point for his attempt to create more and more anti-Avengers sentiment. I do like the media frenzy that’s entered the fray. It gives the story a much more realistic feel. You don’t get many opportunities to see Cap fumbling on the ropes. Norman knows his strengths as he fuels the fire.

I enjoyed the humor this issue contained. Norman questions Madam Hydra’s obviously ridiculous octopus headdress; something we probably all thought about over the years. It was nice to see her in a more streamlined costume. She didn’t have anywhere to go but up, did she? There’s a painfully accurate poke at Jeph Loeb’s contemptuous Hulk writing that made me laugh out loud. Old school fans will undoubtedly grin at these inside jokes. The humor doesn’t detract from the serious events unfolding in issue #20.

Acuna’s artwork is amazing. I loves seeing these characters drawn in his refreshing style. You don’t get to see the Avengers in such a surreal or even ethereal manner very often. I think this issue falls a little short with the plot; there’s some clear gaps in here, but it’s still very nice overall. I’m digging the Dark Avengers unfolding in two separate Avengers titles. I’m pumped to see things get more intense. Bring on the New Dark Avengers.

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