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American Horror Story Season Finale “Afterbirth” Promo

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Tomorrow night is the night, kids. Anyone brave enough to call this one? After they killed Vivien last week, all bets are off. I’m going to go on record and predict that there is a bigger evil in the house than previously disclosed. I’m also calling that Tate is either possessed by it or GREATLY influenced. I’m sure there are a handful of “Threat Level Midnight” surprises just waiting on us.

To quote the great Clark Griswold:

β€Ž”Oh, Eddie… If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.”

Look for a review immediately following the season finale tomorrow. I’ll have a season recap posted soon. Ugh, the joys of writing.

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2 Comments on American Horror Story Season Finale “Afterbirth” Promo

  1. Absolutely cannot wait for this finale!!!!!! I will be sad once it’s over though
    I hope that they include a billion hours of extras when they release the dvd, I would call in sick to work every day until I finished watching them all! LOL
    I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found your blog. I am a horror movie junkie, so it makes me happy to read your reviews and seek out new horror movies!! Per your instruction and great review, I recently watched Red State on Netflix. Holy hell, was it crazy!! I wound probably never have found it if not for you, so thanks!
    Have you ever seen the movie Baby Blues? It came out in 2008 and is about a mom who gets postpardum psychosis. Very crazy movie as well… I haven’t seen it in about a year but I plan to watch it again soon (just ordered it as my top mail-out dvd pick). If memory serves me right it was a very disturbing and I thought you might want to view/review it!

    • You and me both will be white-knuckling it! I just mentioned yesterday that I wanted an Blu Ray Season One loaded with extras…drool.

      Glad you enjoyed Red State. I was excited to see it for a long time, and I’m glad it delivered. I’ll look for a copy of Baby Blues. I haven’t even heard of that one. There are so many under the radar horror flicks to go back and watch.

      Thanks so much for all your kind words about my site. I’m glad folks are more aware of these great horror genre finds. I was already seeking all these things out – may as well write about it! πŸ™‚

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