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The New Avengers #19 Comic Book Review

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I’m going on record to say that The Dark Avengers was one of Bendis’ most brilliant moves of his career. No one other than Osborne was insane enough to convince a bunch of super villains to dress up and take on the role of their most hated enemies. Not to mention these bad guys have had their asses handed to them two dozen times over. What type of leader can steer you past the basic humiliation of donning those costumes?

Norman Osborne.

I’m thrilled to see a new incarnation of these Dark Avengers coming our way. If you’ve read enough of my reviews, you know I’m an Avengers guy; to have another polar opposite is intriguing.

Welcome Daredevil to the team. Also welcome DD to a weird and disjointed interaction with Squirrel Girl that mostly involves Murdock’s finely attuned nose that notices nothing but Luke Cage’s kid having a dirty diaper.I like DD, but I just want to see him used effectively on a team like this.

I’m not a fan of this whole public backlash against the Avengers either. How many times have they saved the place on a global level? D-bags with signs asking “What have you done for me lately?” are parading around outside the mansion, throwing eggs and doing their own version of occupy Avengers Mansion. And wouldn’t it take some unbelievably insane events for Norman to get any type of support at all? I know the drill, just get on with it, Bendis.

The team is admittedly a little off their game right now and they’re fighting to pull it back together. They need to to do it quick since this HAMMER War is approaching rapidly.

I dare you to read this issue and not throw out a WTF when you see Osborne’s new SHIELD hellicarrier that has literally merged with an Imperial Star Destroyer.

I’m glad to hear Norman mention he has a man on the inside of the New Avengers. This was at least one “ah-ha” moment for the issue. The more I’ve written here, the more obvious it’s become that this was a terrible issue for my team. I’m not even one of the people bitching that Spider-Man, The Avengers, and The X-Men are taking over the shelves every month, but I want my Avengers delivered to me in a better package.

Deodato shines through as usual. His cinematic style brings depth and polish to a fairly bland offering.

Dear, Marvel, please don’t make me feel so shitty about my team next month. Remember all those $3.99 debit card transactions I’ve given you.


Stop posing and Tweeting and fix my effing comic while I’m still on your side, baldy

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