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Deadhorse #2 Comic Book Review

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Digital Comic available at

Chapter Two is available for .99

Written by Eric Grissom

Art by Phil Sloan

“Everything is Going to Be Fine”

Chapter two of five in the story “Dead Birds”

Previously: A reclusive man gets a strange key from his deceased father and must brave a mad world in search of answers. His neighbors, however, have other plans.  Now: A teenage girl runs away from home. Meanwhile, the Gadsworth Company enlists the help of a mythical bounty hunter in their pursuit of the key.

Consider me hooked! I liked the quicker pace of this issue since #1 did some initial legwork for us readers. By the time I got to the bounty hunter calling himself “Sasquatch”, I was laughing out loud. Just ridiculous enough to feel right for a left of center comic.

This issue leaves us with even more questions and curiously weird images stuck in our heads. Cloaked government agencies, a nest of dead birds, (which did bother me btw) brain-washing, assassinations, subterfuge, runaways, puppet-related public suicides, and subdued yet fanciful storytelling made this much more than a .99 digital download. Grissom and Sloan may find themselves behind a desk at Image or Dark Horse before they take a leap to the big two. This is the kind of comic that gets people noticed.

I can’t say enough good things about the surrealistic art and dry, biting wit that flows from the pages; no charm is lost reading it on a laptop. When we get closer to the key’s main storyline, I have the feeling things are just going to blow up. It’s not hard to imagine this as a quirky indie movie.

Once again I find myself anxiously waiting for the next issue.

MORE Sasquatch please!

Kudos, gentlemen.

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