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Deadhorse #1 Comic Review

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Digital Comic available at

Chapter One is available for the unbeatable price of FREE

Written by Eric Grisson

Art by Phil Sloan

“The Sandwich Eaters”

Chapter one of five in the story “Dead Birds”

A reclusive man gets a strange key from his deceased father and must brave a mad world in search of answers. His neighbors, however, have other plans.

Alaska 1877. A search party finally finds their prize after three months, not a person, but an object. A dead man clutches a box with the letters DAMU ABI LU engraved on the top. The box is snatched up and the camp is torched, leaving nothing but ashes behind.

The comic forwards to current Anchorage, Alaska where we meet the meek and reclusive William. He has a forty year old letter and key from his father. We learned from the beginning of the comic that the key opens the engraved box that many people died for. Don’t let it fall in to the wrong hands….and don’t open the box.

In a twist of total weirdness, William attempts to leave his apartment to find the sole person his dead father trusted. That’s not so weird, right? Well, imagine a couple of creepy neighbors insisting he eat a fish sandwich first. In the great “WHAT” moment of the comic, a live bird flies out of the fish. “GOOD LORD!” William yells before he finds himself fighting the elderly couple for his life. They demand the key from him.

This is a fun and creative comic. The main storyline may be deadly serious, but you can tell these guys had a blast making it. The quirky characters remind me a little of something David Lynch would cook up. I was almost waiting for the log lady to show up. The key/box aspect of the book reminds me a little of Lovecraft. I don’t think that was the intent, but it adds a cool feel to the story.

The art is fun and a cartoon-ish, but has a dark undercurrent flowing beneath. Factor in the soon to unfold back story and I think this a horse you can bet on. Cook up some fitting baddies here and we might have a trifecta.

Stay tuned this weekend and I’ll have issue #2 read and reviewed for everyone. Go download the FREE issue in the meantime.

Thanks to my hometown buddy at for passing this over to me. Hope you enjoy this one.

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