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Criminally Bad Elf Beer Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

$6/Pint Bottle

Style/ABV: English Barleywine 10.50%

Serve at 45-50 Degrees F

Poured into an over-sized wine glass

A: Pours a golden, apricot color with an inch of head that quickly dissipates to a thin afterthought.

S: Heavy booze, bubblegum, cotton candy and some lightly pronounced spices.

T: Very, very mild grassy hops, watered down barleywine flavor, absolutely none of the dark fruits or malts that you expect from the style. Really thin and tinny even. Booo.

M: Thin, watery, nothing that I expect from a usually bold style.

O: They got the “Criminally Bad” portion of the title correct. A complete and utter waste of money and time; a failure for the style in every regard.

If you’re craving a stellar barleywine, try Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale, (my year-round go to) FFF Behemoth, or Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot. There are so many great barleywines out there – this is never going to be one of them. A perfect stocking stuffer for your Scrooge of choice.

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