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The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #3 Comic Book Review

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Super bad ass back cover. Just because.

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Tradd Moore

Coloring by Felipe Sobreiro

Published by Image Comics


I love The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. Love it. Once again, Image treats us to an experience well worth the paltry $2.99 cover price.

All great heroes need a cool costume. In the first pages we’re treated to Pete helping Luther come to terms with an official costume. The mask is an awesome touch. Also, like all great heroes, Luther is very humble and argues that he isn’t very special nor can he offer the world much. He rethinks his potential as an image of his mother being beaten by his fresh out of prison father moves through his mind. The word “helpless” seems to resonate with Luther.

Strode’s “Ninja”skills are called into question when his mother catches him silently leaving for the night. Her obvious concern for Luther is earnestly touching. Just one more area where this comic has been treated with great care. She’s worried about the father finding them. Luther looks to feel confidant if this meeting should occur.

Like a lot of heroes before him, Luther finds the streets both boring and cliche. Throw in the abusive boyfriend whose beat up girlfriend attacks the hero and Luther has a greater understanding of being an unappreciated super hero.

In the end, Luther tracks down the misogynistic heel and discovers he a drug-dealer as well. He’s about to get a deeper understanding of treating  women with more respect when the real super villain of the comic shows up in the last panel. Does this mean issue #4 will start out with some highly-anticipated action between our hero and villain?

For the third review in a row now, I’ve gushed over how awesome this comic is, and this week will be no different. When you read so many titles month in and month out, you slip into a certain familiar pattern. When something different interrupts that pattern, it’s quickly obvious. Buy this, borrow a friends; do what you need to do to get this one added to your collection. The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is a fresh and creative comic that most of us long-timers will really appreciate.

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