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Avenging Spider-Man #2 Comic Book Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

Published by Marvel

Written by Zeb Well

Art by Joe Madureira & Ferran Daniel


Nice second issue, Marvel. If only by a little, we’re reminded that Zeb has a role in this too. I’m cool about this if you are. If you want explosive action, plenty of Spidey-banter, and art so beautiful that you’ll question the true origin of the Christmas brownies your neighbor made you.

I have no doubt the title will progress, but they have this formula down and it works because it’s fun. I’ve read enough Kingdom Come’s and Killing Joke’s in my lifetime, and don’t feel any less a fan for enjoying this. It’s still Spider-Man and a guest hero every week. Worst comics have been made, folks. If you hate it so much, then just keep doing what you’re doing: download an illegal copy, wow all over the art, then post your negative and clearly correct feelings all over the internet’s dork boards. Sorry, elite_reader69, but this is worth seeing.

A cool dynamic sparks between Spidey and Hulk as they find themselves prepared to level the Moloids home and encounter Hulk’s military motivations vs. Spider-Man’s “do the right thing, we’re Avengers..” stance. The writing is pretty straightforward as expected, oversimplified for sure with a lot of room for improvement while allowing Marvel to keep the vibrant visuals leading the charge.

As always, the choice is yours, but I’m going to keep this title in my folder for the time being. It’s solid on it’s own and might provide a palate cleanser between Batman and Detective. 😉

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