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Archer Season 3 this January..with BURT REYNOLDS!

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Our favorite hard-drinking, self-absorbed Isis Agent returns this January after teasing us with three episodes already this year. What’s in store for Archer and his Isis crew this year?

For starters, we know Burt Reynolds himself will star in a January episode titled “The Man from Jupiter”. Possibly because he’s from Jupiter, FL. Reynolds will also be dating Malory, so this guarantees some awesomeness. Not much else has been released about the the forthcoming season, but I’m sure an epic ass beating is in store for the new Bionic Barry. What a toolbag.

On a related note, I got to meet Aisha Tyler (Archer’s Lana Kane) after her local stand-up routine and she was nothing but amazing. She handled my jokes about her big hands with ultimate professionalism. She hugged my wife and I, posed for pics, and signed all of our Archer gear with a gleaming smile on her face. To top it off, she wrote an article for Entertainment Weekly about her experience in Lexington, KY, and even mentioned meeting my wife and I in the article. She said there were lingering hugs (her fault, not mine) and that we were pickpockets. Nice.

Here’s some of the funniest Archer moments yet.

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  1. “And those were his last words…”

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