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Supernatural “Death’s Door” Review

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I watch and review more horror in a month than a lot of people will see in years. I see terrible things all for the sake of a love for the craft. Some things really can’t be unseen as they say. I pretty much have an iron constitution at this point. Most days that is. Tonight, Supernatural killed off my beloved Bobby, and it brought a literal tear to my eye. I’ll say it once: I hope this lackluster and often boring season died with Bobby.

If you remember correctly, Bobby took a bullet to the head from the Leviathan, Dick Roman, as they fled a rather one-sided battle. This episode opened with the horrible discovery of a bullet wound under Bobby’s frayed baseball hat. Sam and Dean frantically rush him to the hospital where the bullet is removed, but Bobby is still in touch and go mode. Before you get your hopes up that Supernatural is toying with you, like they enjoy doing, this seems like the real deal. Bobby Singer: This is Your Life.

This easily ranks up there as one of the best for the show. Serving as a proper obituary to a character so pure of heart, so willing to fight even in the worst of odds; “Death’s Door” is a proper epitaph to this second father to the Winchester kids. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, well, get on it because I’m not going to condense something as grand as this.

Instead of taking an often used and lazy approach of leaning on a characters greatest moments via a series of flashbacks, Supernatural does what it does best and lays out a very creative and even poignant end for this Hunter amongst Hunters. As Bobby is unmoving in his hospital bed, his mind and heart plumbs the depths of his very real past to dig up some of his worst memories in his attempt to cross over.

Bobby has a Reaver of his own to contend with, one that indulges him in his time killing for the most part. In the end he tells Bobby that the time to peacefully cross over is coming to an end, and Bobby must make a choice. He chooses his last memory as the forever bickering Winchester Brothers arguing before a Chuck Norris movie marathon. His narrative in the show was so well done, that I’m going to have to go back and rewatch this one immediately.

I love so many A+ prime time dramas, but the Winchester’s as well as their supporting characters have a strange hold on me. I’ve watched these characters grow and struggle so much and I legitimately feel for them. Few shows deliver the straight up evil compounded with such character development as Supernatural. It’s rarity to deliver such intensity and still share in a lighthearted, silly, comical, and even self-aware approach to deep horror. Cue Joss Whedon, right?

This is Supernatural of course and Bobby never openly answered his Reaver out loud. So did he take the high road to peace after a life of loss and trauma or did he simply choose to “stick around” for the sake of the boys? What do you think?

Does anything or anyone stay dead and buried on the show?

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