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American Horror Story “Spooky Little Girl” Review

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This show is getting hard to objectively review because IT IS A FREAKING MIRACLE OF TELEVISION! Where do I even start tonight? Before I say anything about the plot tonight, I feel it is wholly necessary to comment on the almost unnatural acting ability of Jessica Lange. Did she make a deal with the devil? Her skill is unmatched on prime time dramas at the moment – unmatched. She was a welcome sight after her absence last week.

Tonight was a night of complete insanity. So many of the show’s wonderful actors competed for my attention in this outstanding episode.

It’s 1947 and Elizabeth Short going to the murder house for some…unconventional dental work. The good doctor accepts more carnal forms of payment in lieu of money. A little too much nitrous later we have ourselves the famous Black Dahlia. Short gets to be famous after all.

Moira and Ben have a tense conversation about him being a married man and rejecting her advances. He has eyes, so who could blame him if he gave in right. Breckenridge is a straight up knockout. “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” She tells him.

Constance turns out to be one of the meanest drunks ever as Travis arrives. Did anyone else notice she was painting a version of the seduction of Eve? The serpent draped across her naked shoulders. Travis leaves for a momentary grocery store run when he runs into our resident crazy, Hayden. She does Travis out of spite and isn’t very pleased to hear Travis isn’t rushing back to hurt Constance with his unexpected sexual encounter.

Hayden continues her crazy when detectives show up to question Ben about Hayden’s perceived disappearance. She’s a real peach here and bails Ben out of the cross hairs of an investigation. Hayden gets my vote for best insane chick in any current series. Not lacking for women in his life, Ben is visited by Short, who is in desperate need of counseling. The never-ending sexual veracity in Ben’s life shows up in his desire for Short, but he pulls away before it’s too late. I love how the house combined with his own desire exploits his weakness for women, this home is something else.

The doctor at Vivien’s ward calls and drops a bombshell on Ben and the viewer as well. Her twins are from two different fathers. Thanks, Tate.

Constance confronts Moira and accuses Violet of doing her precious Travis. Moira is quick to point out how much in love Violet is with Tate and she would never touch another man. Furious and hurt, Constance finds Tate in the basement and demands the truth about Vivien’s twins. His reluctance to answer immediately speaks in volumes to Constance. She beats him as she screams and delivers one of the show more bothersome moments as Tate screams “Momma!” beneath her blows.Violet doesn’t make a single appearance this time around. Curious…

Short and Moira plot to put on a show for Ben when he finds them intertwined on his couch. Amazingly, he resists and tells Moira she’s fired. Sure she is. Short is hurt because she wanted her dreams of becoming famous to come to fruition. Hayden comes in when her perfect timing and story of The Black Dahlia. Cue the Dracula music and cut to Dr. Montgomery doing the terrible things to Short that she is ultimately famous for. The evil in this house abides by it’s larger motivations and always sees the big picture.

Ben visits Vivien in the ward and gives her a devastating speech in her sedated state. Ben actually thinks he has some power now that he assumes Vivien cheated on him as well. That other baby is nothing but trouble.

This review is getting really long, a sure sign of an addiction on my part. Let’s condense shall we?

Ben tells Hayden that it was never “written in the stars” that they would be together. Nice touch that they had this hurtful conversation in the gazebo that makes up her tomb.

Constance tells Travis that he’ll make a great dad and there could be a child in their future. He’s qualified because he was nice to Addy and took her dogs out to potty? Crazy alert elevated. Poor Travis is never going to be famous according to Constance. What could possibly give him notoriety? Oh, yeah, he could have revenge sex with Hayden again, then get murdered by her afterward. Whoops, Travis, don’t do a crazy chick with abandonment issues just to run back to Constance. Surprise, Travis, you get to “live” in the murder house now, buddy.

The ghosts stand over the newly killed body of Travis and discuss how it should be disposed of. Montgomery goes the Black Dahlia 2.0 route and has Larry drop him in an inner city basketball court. Nice touch. He is famous after all.

In the end of the episode Ben notices the real Moira and he starts to see the veil slowly lifted from his eyes. The reveal at the very end though, well, what a bombshell this is. When a new Pope takes the position he is given the key to a box that holds the answer to the end of the world. That answer comes in the form of a child conceived of both natural and supernatural origin. The antichrist ushers in the end of times, a perversion of the immaculate conception.

Thanks for ending the world, Tate. What an asshole.

Once again, kids, best show on television. Enjoy your Thursday work day of discussing this for hours. Until next week…

Hey, here’s the Spooky song, one of my favorites.

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