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Aftermath (1994) Movie Review

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Written & Directed by Nacho Cerda

This film is 30 minutes long. Some might argue that’s about 29 too many. Aftermath contains no dialogue whatsoever. It doesn’t really need it; the visual aspect of the film carries the burden well.

It’s late in the evening and a mortician receives the body of a young woman killed in a car crash. All the other employees are gone for the night, leaving him alone with his sick desires. He begins to fondle the body. He cuts the bra off and removes her skirt and panties. He mutilates her corpse, running his blade up and down her torso with much enthusiasm. He stabs her in the crotch repeatedly before taking photos of the dead body, and eventually climbing on top of her where he penetrates her.

This film is what I imagine the band Cannibal Corpse would want to do as a video. The realism is ghastly. I had to speculate a time or two in the beginning if this was an actor or prop portraying the body. Yeah, it’s clearly a prop. A very, very realistic one.

As the film closes, the man takes home a human heart and feeds it to his dog. Who says necrophiliac monsters don’t have feelings?

This film might, and I use that term very subjectively, might be considered visual horror art. The scenes are shot meticulously if nothing else. Did this need to be made? I doubt it. We know things like this have happened in the past. There was a big shocker in the 80’s when a mortician was exposed for his treatment of corpses. Still, do we want or need to see things like this made in such shocking and ghoulish detail? I would say that we don’t. It was gross, most people wouldn’t be able to watch this.

I found it very self-indulgent and even silly in it’s very essence. No one is going to bust this out at your next Halloween party. Completely forgettable,  it adds nothing to the horror genre. This might be a testament to the art of special effects. That’s about it. Skip it unless you really want to see and hear what autopsies are really like. Except for the corpse rapes, I just assume most funeral homes don’t offer that service.


Holy cow! It’s a bonus Cannibal Corpse video! Fister Roboto delivers, kids. Tell your friends.

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2 Comments on Aftermath (1994) Movie Review

  1. I’m shocked to find a review of this! I thought it would be much too obscure. Great job!

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked it. I literally saw three or four other reviews for it. Weird for something that’s been out for so long.

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