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Thoughts on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

Article by FisterRoboto of

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art and colors by Sara Pichelli and Justin Ponsor

Published by Marvel


Popular or hated, I really don’t care. The death of Ultimate Spider-Man/Peter Parker was a fantastic reason to buy and read comics. I’m so backed up on the constantly growing titles I pick up every month, that it’s great when you have a chance to sit down and read half a dozen issues in a row, which is pretty much what happened with the new Spider-Man. Well, all four issues.

Miles Morales is the new Spider-Man, at least he is growing into the new web-slinger. In the Ultimate universe Osborne is responsible for the accident that created Spidey. His lab manager has a numbered radioactive spider that ends up going home to Miles when his uncle, a seasoned criminal, breaks into the lab where the spider ends up crawling into the bag of spoils the uncle steals.

Of course the spider bites Miles and his powers begin.

His speed and strength increase, as does his venom touch and seeming chameleon powers. Miles as it turns out, partially witnessed The Green Goblin kill Pete. Miles attends the funeral and asks Gwen Stacy why Pete became Spidey. Of course he gets the standard issue “with great power comes great responsibility” speech.

Miles shows his powers to his best friend who is insistent that he become the new Spider-Man and use his new power as he should; for helping people. Miles saves some people from a burning building and sees his wall-crawling powers have surfaced as well.

Adding to the inherit Spider-Man family issues is the fact that both Miles’ father and brother were criminals together in their past. His father changed his ways while the uncle is still living his profiting life of crime. His father has pretty much forbidden Miles from having a relationship with his uncle. In standard kid fashion, Miles just wants to know more about him since he is ordered to stay out of his criminal life. In issue #4 the uncle clears out his apartment and vanishes completely. Give it an issue or two to make a life-changing effect when he returns and reaches out to our new reluctant hero.

Miles dons an $80 Spider-Man Halloween costume and receives the ire of New York, calling his role/costume bad taste all the way around. I see the red and black costume ready to debut in an issue or two. If his public debut didn’t go shitty enough, he finds his jaw on the business end of Spider-Woman’s fist, who wants to know who the fuck he thinks he is.

“Make Mine Marvel” has been my mantra since I was five years old. Spidey is my favorite and always has been. No other character besides Batman has a more bad ass and creative set of villains or origin. He’s a regular guy thrown into a position he didn’t expect or handle properly. The parallels with Miles are the same. His young age and overwhelming future make a perfect new Spider-Man.

Bendis handles the new character and arc with masterful grace. The characters and dialogue are literally perfect. Pichelli’s work is perfect as well. This team is a guarantee for success. I wish I had another handful is issues already. I can’t wait for issue #5. If you’re not reading this title and love Spidey – then get on it.

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3 Comments on Thoughts on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

  1. “Make Mine Marvel” has been my comic book mantra since Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 came out. I grew up collecting Spider-Man and X-Men, so Spider-Man will always hold a special place in my heart.

    I’m loving Ultimate Spider-Man also. There’s so much to enjoy about the naiveté of Mile Morales.

  2. Great to hear. I love the serious old school love. Spider-Man makes me feel at home. This new Ultimate series is fantastic. Miles is the perfect kid for the job. I love the skewed view in the Ultimate universe. Having Osborne be responsible for things is just a great angle. So pumped tp see where this goes.

    Thanks for the comment, Timdogg.

  3. For my money, Ultimate Spider-Man has been the best comic book series this year. The entire creative team on this title never ceases to amaze me.

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