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Three Floyds Alpha Klaus Beer Review

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The fine folks at Three Floyds, located in the unassuming Munster, IN, make some damn fine beers. This stellar brewery is in my top five for so many reasons. We’re past Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so let the Christmas brews begin!

Style/ABV: American Porter 6% ABV

Serve at 45-50 Degrees F

Best enjoyed in a pint glass or my preference of a Nonic tumbler.

A: Pours a decadent nearly black body with a nice mocha-colored head. Awesome lacing and much thicker looking than most porters.

S: Roasted malts and chocolate dominate. Citrus and earthy hops come out of nowhere making for a beautifully complex nose. I was drooling the first time I poured one of these last winter.

T: Chocolate, roasted coffee, and caramel assault the palate from the second it hits your lips. The hops are just as present as in the smell. This finish is BAD ASS. Bittersweet with a citrus explosion. Absolutely delicious.

M: Oh, yes. Creamy and with the most perfect, spot on carbonation. I can’t imagine a better off-style porter. This brew leaves an oily coating in your mouth as it goes down. Sublime.

O: This brew is out of this world. A perfect balance of everything you could ask for in this style, hell, perfect period. Even the artwork on the label is awesome. I’ve picked up a dozen of these 22 ounce bombers so far this season and fully intend to buy them out…again.

FFF is shining example of small-batch American craft beer. If it comes down to you or someone else at your beer store of choice, feel free to go Homer Simpson on someone and step on their neck.

I don’t feel any less a man for hugging my Alpha Klaus bottle. Check out the official Three Floyds site for their heavenly offerings.


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