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Song of the Day 11/25/11 Queensryche “Suite Sister Mary”

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Queensryche’s 1990 progressive metal masterpiece is still in heavy rotation at my house. Arguably one of the best metal (if not the best) concept albums we’ll ever get, full of heavy themes of religion, addiction, global corruption, revolution, and crippling pain.

Suite Sister Mary is a theatrics marvel, featuring an amazing light show, dual big screens on stage, lasers, “Mary” herself singing along Geoff Tate, ambient effects, and a Catholic choir singing in Latin. This song breaks the doors loose at 6:37 mark when DeGramo goes back to the biting, discordant riff after the song ebbs and flows from one sweeping crescendo to the next.

I was lucky and insistent enough to see the complete Mindcrime set live about half a dozen times. Brilliant album from start to finish. The themes and musicianship of this tier one Seattle metal band has stood the test of time. It will rule just as hard another 21 years from now. Guaranteed. Enjoy, kids.

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  1. Could not agree with you more. Operation Mindcrime is something of pure brilliance which I’m not sure will ever be equalled. Has The Wall ever be equalled? I can think of anything that can come close. Same thing with Mindcrime. And Suite Sister Mary? It’s just so good – high theatrics, incredible musicianship, excellent songwriting. It will live on and on.

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