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American Horror Story Review Episode 8 “Rubber Man”

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I’ll be damned American Horror Story, but I think you’re the best show on television. You’re at least tied with Breaking Bad. I gauge this by my physical reaction to your many dark twists and turns. I was muttering “Don’t be Tate…Don’t be Tate…Don’t be Tate…” Boom. Freaking Tate! Tate is The Rubber Man. It took all of two minutes for this bomb to detonate.

The show rewinds to six months ago for the opening of the episode. Tate comforts Nora and tells her she can have her baby back – all he has to do is knock up Vivien. We all know how splendidly that worked out. If these developments aren’t batshit crazy enough for you, we also have the dead/insane Hayden wanting one of the babies herself. She’s pissed that Vivien gets two while she can’t even have one. Hayden was a grand slam of crazy tonight.

Continuing with the reveals tonight, we learn some things we pretty much already knew after our prolonged exposure to the murder house. Indeed the spirits of the ones killed in the house can’t cross over and they’re trapped there. They possess the power to be invisible ghosts as well as very real and visible threats. Hayden is shown knocking books off shelves and being a poltergeist of sorts. Hayden delivers a great performance tonight. Absent is our MVP, Constance. I would agree that you don’t bench your first string quarterback, but Rubber Man needed time to focus on the other inhabitants of the Harmon’s home.

Violet is officially a woman know. It’s implied when Tate and her are shown in bed and he asks her if it hurt. She replies that it was intense, but not painful. Tate surely has a full plate in his role of pleasing the home’s many women. I love Tate’s character. I feel empathy for him, but he darkened himself tonight in many ways. They expand on the days leading to Chad and Patrick’s “murder/suicide”. Tate viciously murders them both and stages the scene. As he passes further down his dark path, he asks Violet to keep the truth of the home hidden. That really doesn’t help poor Vivien later in the episode.

The spirits of the home tag team Vivien with some creative and terrifying scare tactics. She ends up accidentally shooting Ben while on the verge of a spirit-induced freak out. Guess who gets a free ride to a mental ward when Violet clams up about the reality of the home’s spiritual battlefield. I can honestly say I hate Ben at this point. Vivien is truly the only likable character on the show.

Tonight posed some valid questions to me.

Will the babies truly allow freedom to the imprisoned souls of the home? If so, can they leave the home since they are half human and half spirit at their core?

Violet hasn’t been to school in two weeks. Did she die in her suicide attempt? Tate would love nothing more to have her there.

How will Violet react if and when Tate tells her that he is the twins’s baby daddy?

It’s been noted that Chad is going to play a bigger role in the show’s future. Does he have something in store for Tate?

In typical AHS fashion, the reveals tonight just raised another round of questions. I’m literally on the edge of my seat as this brilliant horror drama unfolds. So many characters had their motivations revealed already. Are we surely going to meet another round of the home’s residents with even more shrouded history? I hope so.

Excellent work by and large. If Britton and Lange make it to Emmy nominations, I’ll be fucking surprised. Horror gets the cold shoulder more than it should, but these skilled performers cannot be ignored. Make sure to tune in next week when we get a visit from the Black Dahlia.

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