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Avengers #19 Comic Book Review

Article by FisterRoboto of

Spoiler Alert

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art and Cover by Daniel Acuna

Published by Marvel

This is the best Avengers comic in months. I love the feeling you get when you casually start reading and just get completely sucked in. Bendis is phenomenal at his characterization of this flagship Marvel super group. Daniel Acuna is a welcome addition to the team and adds so much to the title. He provides a very fresh look to the team.

The issue opens at The Raft, where up and comer, Daisy Johnson, one of Fury’s top agents, is interrogating John Walker regarding Norman Osborne’s escape. Hawkeye and Spider-Woman watch in the background, furthering their blossoming romance.

The media is a buzz about the recent Avengers actions and passionately debates their help or harm in the world. Cap feels the weight of this squarely on his shoulders with the recent loss of both Bucky and Thor. He asks Tony for advice in the matter. Tony’s response is “We need some old friends.” It’s cool to see these two getting along and seemingly on the same page for once.

Cap begins to reach out to his hopeful new Avengers, the first being Black Panther. He declines Cap’s offer, but T’Challa mentions his wife, Storm is a natural choice. She accepts, and before she can steal the scene completely, we get another new addition – a very welcome face: The Vision. Stark has been spending his spare team working on the classic Avenger and the results are impressive. There is a great scene where he greets everyone, ultimately making a very human look of genuine surprise when he sees the Red Hulk for the fist time. I appreciate the humor in this very serious arc.

Content with the team, Cap greets the media and the public to announce the newest incarnation of The Avengers. Of course the press conference is interrupted by none other than Osborne who has questions of his own. With his escape and all the HAMMER activity I think Avengers is getting ready to go into hyper-drive. My favorite Marvel team is gearing up for a new battle with my favorite Marvel villain and the fans are going to win. If you read The New Avengers # 18 you know that Osborne has already formed a new Dark Avengers team. The Dark Avengers title is one of my all times favorites and such a creative idea. I don’t see how this can fail.

Despite all the Bendis/Avengers bitching I hear, I continue to love this title and the direction Bendis has taken it. The Avengers incorporate so many awesome characters that stretch across the Marvel universe, delivering them into one constantly evolving team. Happy reading, kids.

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