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American Horror Story Unmasks it’s Biggest Secret on 11/23

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American Horror Story is going to reveal it’s best kept secret on next week’s episode “Rubber Man”. Yes, the identity of Rubber Man himself. If you need a rehash, he’s the mysterious guy in the rubber suit that knocked up the lovely Vivien. He’s also the Lost equivalent to the Smoke Monster. He shows up and makes physical contact once, and what a contact it was, but usually seems content to stand around like a supernatural creeper as the Harmon Family goes about their business. If you missed last week’s episode, it was revealed that Vivien is preggers with twins.

Internet speculation is blowing up regarding the possibility of Tate being the man behind the mask. Is it possible that one the show’s many shadowy characters is going to be behind this? I hope it’s a new character all the way around. I don’t think I buy into the Tate theory. *fingers crossed*

Check out the unsettling promo for next week’s episode. AHS being the mind eff that it is, I’m sure the new information will ultimately raise another twenty questions. Oh, well, like you – I’m in this for the long haul. Set your DVR now, horror dorks.10pm EST on FX.

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4 Comments on American Horror Story Unmasks it’s Biggest Secret on 11/23

  1. I can’t wait till next week, the preview looks awesome!! I don’t know if I can wait another 5 days!!
    Do you think that Violet is still alive? Do you think Tate really saved her after she took all those pills?
    I am seriously clueless about who rubber man could be. In the preview for next week it was obviously Zachary Quinto’s character wearing it in one scene, and Ben wearing it in another. And I have been reading comments today about how a lot of people think it’s Tate. AHHHHHHH I wish we could watch it right now!!!

  2. Hey, Justine, I think Violet is still alive. I don’t know what to think about Tate. I’ve been raking my brain trying to figure out his motive if he really is the Rubber Man.

    I think Quinto in the suit is just part of his kinky relationship. I love that guy. This show is driving me nuts, but the good kind!

  3. Isn’t Rubberman the husband Constance shot after finding him with Moira? Makes sense that he’s on the property somewhere.

    • His identity is still up for grabs. His death seems garden variety after seeing so many spirits so far this season. They keep showing Quinto in the suit, but I assume that was just part of his kinky sex life. He was the one who is supposed to have brought it to the home to start with.

      Whoever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be a face melter! I just hope it isn’t Tate. If it is, I want a good effing explanation.

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