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American Horror Story “Open House” Review (Spoilers)

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This is the part of the weekly review where I gush about how bad ass this show is. After seven face-melting episodes I think I officially fall into the fanboy or fluffer category at the very least. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – with Breaking Bad done for the season, AHS is the best show on television.

So, Constance and Larry were an adulterous couple? The episode opens with a cozy blaze in the fireplace, Larry’s face unburned is purposely included in the frame. Constance has officially been deemed a terrible, abusive mother and faces having her handicapped son taken away. Luckily, she has devoted Larry who follows through with previously made plans to kill her deformed son who is chained up in the attic. Larry is obsessed with Constance and the house. He also lied to Ben about burning his daughters to death. Larry got his deformities presumably trying to help them.

Vivien and her realtor are more than anxious to sell the house and find a potential buyer in an Armenian businessman who wants to bulldoze the house and put more rentals up. Moira helps to potentially seal the deal by giving out blowjobs in Violet’s bedroom. I’m always shocked that FX gets away with the subject matter on this show. She tells the man she wants a thick cock to gnaw on – and gnaws she does. Too bad it’s older Moira who is shown wiping her mouth as she exits the room.

Vivien is having twins. Feel free to let your mind roam with possibilities. Mine still is. One good, one bad? One brings balance, the other brings… I love how the doctor says that all expecting mothers are worried they might give birth to a little devil.

Charles and Nora play a part in this episode that is nearly full-disclosure as the writers begin to give us clear indications of it’s many characters’ history and motivation. Charles fashions their dead child into a true monster, even after death. Nora is not accepting of this and kills her husband before shoving the gun into her own mouth.

Tate doesn’t play a huge role in this episode, but his scenes are concise and revealing. He tells Violet that she has become evolved in her acceptance of the home’s dark history and she can dispel the ghosts with a simple command. Tate tells his mother exactly what he thinks of her, and it’s nothing she’s surprised by nor wants to hear.

Constance also let’s us know what drives her in this episode. She cannot stand the thought of losing her family. Larry doesn’t want to be without her, and Moira doesn’t want to leave either. It drives the threesome to lure the Armenian man to the basement under the guise of Moira’s special talents. Call me old-fashioned, but any day that ends with my dick being bitten off by a ghost while a burned and disfigured loon smothers me with a plastic bag just isn’t that special. Constance reminds Larry to get his body off the property before he becomes a permanent resident as well.

My only complaint with this show is that it isn’t aired nightly and three hours long.

Tonight’s MVP is definitely Jessica Lange once again. Trailing closely behind her is Dennis O’ Hare as the deeply troubled Larry. His tense lines spoken through gritted teeth are very effective.

Once again AHS reigns supreme in it’s genre. I can’t deal with waiting another whole week for a new episode.

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5 Comments on American Horror Story “Open House” Review (Spoilers)

  1. Incredible show, thanks

  2. Moira didn’t help Constance and Larry because she doesn’t want to leave, she does want to leave terribly! The only reason she helped was because the Armenian was planning to bulldoze the house and put up affordable housing, thus entombing her forever underneath. The reason she was giving him blowjobs and trying to get him to buy the house at first was because he said he was going to build a pool, so she thought her body would be unearthed during that process and free her from the hold of murder house!
    I absolutely love this show. I agree with your one and only complaint!! I just wish we didn’t have to wait to watch the entire season!! Best.Show.Ever.

    • This show is driving me crazy! It sure eclipsed Dexter and The Walking Dead for me. COME ON WEDNESDAY!

      • Me too!! Although I do feel like Dexter is finally getting good after the last 2 episodes. I am finding myself not as interested in The Walking Dead this season; I just don’t care about the characters anymore… But I absolutely LOVE AHS and literally cannot wait for each Wed. to come so I can find out more of the story!! Love your blog too. I am a horror buff so I enjoy reading your reviews and I enjoy your writing. 😀

  3. Dexter stuck it in and twisted it last week. I was starting to get worried about the lackluster season featuring my favorite serial killer. Nice twist with Hanks. I was convinced his skills were going unused.

    TWD was slow until mid-season as well. After Shane lost it last episode, I’m excited to see where it heads when it starts back up. Slow season for just character development.

    What can I say about AHS? It is simply brilliant in every way a horror show would be. The actors, directing, script, characters, the house itself, etc. It’s perfect! Finally, a show that doesn’t hold back in this genre. 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words, Justine. I promise I’ll keep updating the site often, so stop by anytime!

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