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The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #2 Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

Article by FisterRoboto of

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Tradd Moore

Coloring by Felipe Sobreiro

Published by Image Comics


I guess we can officially say that the awesomeness of issue #1 wasn’t an isolated incidence. I haven’t even completed my review for issue #2 and I’m already dreading the end of this breakaway title.

Luther stands nervously on the steps of Voorhees High School, his first day back since his epic ass kicking of Jacobson, the resident jock/bully. All eyes turn to Luther as he and Pete traverse the crowded hallways. Our reluctant hero isn’t relishing the attention his beatdown has brought him – Pete on the other hand is all about it. Jacobson and his thugs stop the geek duo and the entire school stops to watch it unfold. Round two? Nope. While Strode knows he’s fully capable of annihilating the bully, he simply asks him to just leave them alone. But not before having a gore-ridden fantasy/nightmare of decimating everyone that he comes near him. Even Pete.

As Luther’s power progresses he sees things from an almost x-ray point of view, only the muscles are completely visible. I’m not sure if he is actually seeing this or it’s just the artists view of Luther’s growing power, and growing it is. His reflexes, speed, and strength are rapidly hitting superhuman level. So is his love life. Petra climbs in his open window and makes her intentions clear.

Cut to Jacobson’s home where his wired jaws and neck brace aren’t preventing him from pumping iron and swearing under his breath. Something begins to drip onto the bully and he notices blood pooling above him on the ceiling. Jacobson walks into the kitchen and into a scene of absolute horror. The man known as The Librarian from issue #1 is standing at the dinner table, wearing his mother’s apron as well as his parent’s blood. I’m guessing the candidate he referred to last issue was actually Jacobson and not Strode.Nice to see we’re going to get one of Strode’s contemporaries as an enemy. Hopefully.

In the last scene of the issue we find our lead geeks in a convenient store as a pair of robbers enter. Strode disarms and captures the criminals with a gallon of milk and handful of beef jerky as the employees cheer Strode on, and calling him a superhero. This entire scene is just another reason to love this title. It’s capable of being a stark and disturbing comic as it simultaneously delivers jokes and jabs all along the way.

Call me jaded, but after 35 years of reading comics, it takes a lot to get my real attention anymore. Wonderfully written, drawn, and executed, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode might be my favorite comic in years. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I’m already dreading it’s end. If you like horror and comics, hell, if you like talent and creativity – you need to pick this title up. Do it now before I pull your arms off and beat you to death* with them.

*Fister Robot does not endorse geek on geek violence.

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