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The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

Article by FisterRoboto of

Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Tradd Moore

Coloring: Felipe Sobreiro

Cover: Adam Moore

Published by Image Comics


I was curious about this title when I first saw the cover and name. The Strange Talent of Luther Strode was attention getting. I knew that with the last name Strode, there were some fans of John Carpenter’s Halloween involved.

Luther introduces himself in the first panel and mentions he was just shot in the chest seven times. “It hurts.” he says. The bullets are “caught” in his muscles. His strange talent becomes obvious as he doubles over and the bullets are forced out. In the next scene we see how he got shot seven times. The double-splash shows a room of violently killed thugs and certainly doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Luther rips arms off the thugs, murdering the others with the severed limbs, and literally kicks some of the criminals in half. Their is no lack of brutal disemboweling here. The room is splattered with blood and entrails, one lucky guy is embedded in the ceiling.

“It all started with a book.”

Luther has just received a book in the mail called The Hercules Method. Like countless other origin stories, Luther is bullied at school and orders a book that he hopes will help him bulk up and protect himself. As the comic progresses we see just how effective this particular book really is.

Luther lives with his mother, who is shown holding her bandaged hand. The two have a conversation that implies the mother had a relationship with a man in prison and he won’t be able to find them “even if he gets” out. This reinforces Luther’s desire to bulk up.

Luther has a nerdy best friend named, Pete, and a love interest named, Petra. She’s the archetype of the girl that is just way too hot to be interested in our protagonist, bust still pursues him. We meet Luther’s school bully and he gets a rude awakening during a game of dodge ball. Luther’s Hercules Method is working in spades. His strength and reflexes are through the roof.

We see glimpses of a man referred to as “Librarian”, and he seems to have the same super strength that Luther is developing. He has an interest in someone with real promise he tells some creepy man wrapped in bandages and chained to the ceiling. We assume he is talking about Luther.

In the end of the issue the bully confronts Luther over the dodge ball to the face. When Luther finally swings on the guy, it is very fulfilling. The kid’s head flies back in an arc of blood and teeth. The stunned onlookers, including Luther, respond with a very accurate “Holy shit.” One kids throws up after seeing the act of extreme violence. A smile forms on Luther’s face and he looks at his blood-soaked fist.

This comic team is going to go far with this six issue story. The characterization of Strode is nearly perfect. The artwork is cartoony at times and completely over the top in terms of gore and violence, and that is a compliment to this title. Strode is a great character. Fans of comics and horror are going to love this. He attends Voorhees High School. His room is plastered with comic and movie characters that obviously played a part in the inspiration of Strode’s creation.

I think comic fans will enjoy this fresh and clever title. This is a smashing success and I can’t wait to pick up issue #2.

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