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Avenging Spider-Man #1 Comic Book Review

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Written by Zeb Wells
Art by Joe Madureira
Colors by Ferran Daniel
Publisher: Marvel Comics
I intend no disrespect to Zeb Wells when I say this could be dialogue-free and still be a smashing success. Madureira is amazing at his craft. Spidey and his gang of hero friends are rendered beautifully on each and every page. This is the perfect comic for casual Spider-Man fans and long-timers as well. A more satisfying read may be Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man, but this is a fun comic.
ASM is pretty much a new version of Marvel Team Up, giving us new Spidey stories with new partners each and every month. Red Hulk practically leaps off the pages, JJJ is as pissed off and grouchy as we’ve ever seen, and the addition of The Avengers is more than welcome. I’m already excited for Deadpool to join based on the potential artwork alone.
Daniel provides vibrant colors to the mix. If you liked his work on Ultimates 3, you’re sure to enjoy this. Wells pretty much blends into the background as if he knew this was an art-led issue. His dialogue is campy which either works well or crashes and burns with Spidey. I was excited for this new title and have high hopes for it’s success. This is worth the cover price and I suggest you give it a shot.
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