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American Horror Story “Piggy Piggy” Review

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Dear God. American Horror Story shows no signs of slowing it’s pace anytime soon. Tonight was a revealing night for certain. So, what did we learn tonight?

Tate is dead. Definitely dead. After killing a library full of students in 1994, the police show up at his home (the Harmon’s home) and shoot him repeatedly after he reaches for a gun stashed under the sheets. Violet does some internet sleuthing and finds the school massacre in all it’s glory – complete with Tate’s guilty face.

Constance tells Violet the truth she already knows. Jessica Lange is the absolute rock star of AHS. She has an apparently bottomless pit of talent and sharpens it on us every week. She introduces Violet to her friend and medium, Billy, (Sarah Paulson) who urges Violet to help Tate cross over. She mentions that the house drove Tate to his actions.

Vivien is having troublesome dreams about her pregnancy – seriously, who wouldn’t. She presses her alarm system panic button and hot, black security guard comes to the rescue. They share a moment where they both disclose their spouse’s/former spouse’s infidelity. Ben shows up and kills the moment. Vivien gives Ben a stark prediction of his future – one that involves a divorce and a sold house. She also mentions bashing his face in would be nice.

Ben brings on a new patient, the Emmy winning Eric Stonestreet (Cam from Modern Family) who is having massive panic attacks centered around urban legends and the like. Stonestreet is magnificent in the role and it’s great fun to see him worrying about something besides his boyfriend, Mitchell, for a change.

Violet meets with her friend that was attacked in the basement and she gives her a bottle of Ambien/Xanax, something to help her sleep. Violet takes a literal handful of pills, determined to do more than just take a nap. Tate to the rescue. He shows up in the nick of time and saves her by throwing her in the shower and forcing her to throw up. Violet can’t seem to win in tonight’s episode. Plagued with the entire ghost ensemble residing in the basement and juggling Tate makes for a stressful time.

Vivien seeks out the nurse from the hospital that performed her header-inducing sonogram and finds her residing in church where she feels the most safe. Vivien mentions the supposed “equipment malfunction”, but the woman corrects her, stating that the beast is growing inside her. Is Viv truly carrying the Antichrist? Is the man in the rubber suit Satan himself? Violet’s friend quotes the book of Revelation in the earlier scenes. She reminds us that the devil isn’t a cartoon character with red horns, but God’s one time favorite that can appear as beautiful as he wants…and he hates us all.

In the final scenes we see Billy and Constance still at the table, drinking and smoking. Billy gives her the chance to speak with Addy and she dishes up some serious info. She tells her mother that she isn’t coming back like Tate and that she’s scared of him. She’s finally a “pretty girl now” on the other side. Lange is such a bad ass. Scenes like this are often trite and cliche, but not with Lange.

The episode ends with Tate confessing his love to Violet and swearing to always protect her and even leave forever if she wishes. Instead she invites him to her bed and they spoon. “I’m tired.” Tate says. “Me too.” Violet responds.

AHS is a phenom. It switches from melodrama to primal horrorfest without skipping a beat. The cast brings these characters to life each and every week, slowly exposing more and more as they go. Let’s face it, this show is the Breaking Bad of horror. It’s perfect.

A horror nerd’s dream (or nightmare) come true….

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2 Comments on American Horror Story “Piggy Piggy” Review

  1. Jennifer Ramsey // November 10, 2011 at 12:27 pm // Reply

    Great review! I love this freaking show!

  2. Thanks, JenRammy! It’s like horror crack.

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