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Red, White & Blue Movie Review (Spoilers)

Article by Fister Roboto of

Written & Directed by Simon Rumley

Okay. What the moral of this story?

Love will make you do crazy things.

Sin begets sin.

No good dead goes unpunished.

Don’t mess with Texas.

RWB is a 2010 horror movie by Simon Rumley. Once again, this one went under my radar. That’s okay because it just made finding this awesome flick that much better. Thanks to CM for pointing me in the right direction once again.

Erica (Amanda Fuller aka, Eve from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is an emotionally withdrawn young woman living at a halfway house in Texas. She was raped by her mom’s boyfriend when she was four years old and spends her nights bar/bed hopping. She sets the tone of her miserable existence by having a four way in the beginning of the film. Disconnected from everyone, Erica finds fleeting comfort in the torrid sexual encounters with strangers nearly every night.

Sharing the halfway house with Erica is mysterious and kindhearted Nate. Nate (Noah Taylor) is a veteran who spent time in Iraq until he was honorably discharged. He alludes to the fact that despite his talent and skill, he left for strange reasons. Now he finds himself in a type of limbo as he ponders a potential career with the CIA. He works at a local lumberyard and gets Erica as job there as well.

Next in line is Frankie (Marc Senter), a hopeful rock star who is donating blood to his cancer-ridden mother. Frankie is also a participant in the four way with Erica. This casual encounter with Erica comes back to haunt him.

Nate forms a reluctant bond with Erica and a struggling (if not forced) relationship begins to form. Frankie has a blood test along the way of donating to his mother and finds out that he is HIV positive. Ridden with guilt as his mother goes into remission, Frankie decides to track down the one person he’s had unprotected sex with: Erica.

Frankie’s band mates help him find Erica and the group forcibly takes her from a local bar. Nate returns to find her broken glass – the only sign of a struggle.

What unfolds next is hard to watch. I don’t want to totally spoil this for you, so I suggest you just watch the film for yourself. RWB is raw and personal. It’s impossible to not understand the character’s actions and feel empathy for the three protagonists, one of which turns into the antagonist.

Red, White & Blue is a great horror film, spending nearly have of the film to shed light on the lives of these three characters. There is a very clear point when you’ll discover why this is a horror film and things quickly go south from that moment on. All in all, this is one of the best under-the-radar flicks I’ve seen in some time. There is a certain humility and honesty that goes along with the film – something rarely seen in 90% of the genre these days. This is currently available to stream from Netflix. Bravo, Mr. Rumley.

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3 Comments on Red, White & Blue Movie Review (Spoilers)

  1. I forced myself to stop reading after the first paragraph so as to avoid all spoilers. This one is officially on the docket for this weekend.

  2. It’s a step below Antichrist (isn’t everything?) but really delivers. Another great non-supernatural horror flick. It’s nuts.

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    I thought a reblog was in order since it’s the 4th of July! Enjoy!

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