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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Movie Review (Spoilers)

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Written by Guillermo del Toro and Matthew Robbins

Directed by Troy Nixey

A young girl inadvertently unleashes a race of ancient monsters while exploring her father’s 19th century mansion in this horror remake written by Guillermo del Toro and Matthew Robbins, and directed by newcomer Troy Nixey. Introverted Sally Hurst (Bailee Madison) has just moved in with her father, Alex (Guy Pearce), and his girlfriend, Kim (Katie Holmes), when she realizes that their sprawling estate holds its fair share of secrets. Descending into the depths of the house, Sally gains access to a secret lower level that has lain undisturbed for nearly a century, when the original builder vanished without a trace. When Sally accidentally opens the gateway that kept the creatures locked up tight, she realizes that in order to prevent them from destroying her family she must convince her skeptical father that monsters really exist.tion

Sad truth time. This movie SUCKS. When del Toro’s name gets stamped on something, I expect more. Stilted, silly acting combined with one-dimensional characters that I couldn’t have cared less about. The scenes with the big scares were almost hilarious. I thought it was a terrible remake of the movie “The Gate” once the monsters came out, except there was no charm or Stephen Dorff to be found.

Rent it if you must, my advice is to just skip it all the way around. My official stance is: THIS SUCKS. Now I know why Tom keeps Katie hooked up to the E-Meter.

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2 Comments on Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Movie Review (Spoilers)

  1. This movie sucked ass. The original was good enough…

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