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American Horror Story “Halloween Pt 2” Review (Spoilers)

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I think the technical term is “Holy shit!” Week after anticipatory week, American Horror Story consistently delivers a near perfect horror yarn. If you’ve never watched before – it’s a bumpy ride. Grab your favorite latex zipper mask suit and settle in.

Halloween Part 2 picks up where it left off last week on All Hallows Eve or “Christmas” as its called at the Harmon Residence. Ghost Hayden isn’t content to let death end her relationship with Ben or let Vivien have peace of any kind. Constance tells Addy goodbye, at least for the moment. Tate faces his violent past and Larry still really wants his $1000.

“ASK HIM” Hayden writes on the steamy bathroom mirror as Vivien prepares for a bath. It turns out that getting killed by a shovel to the head will make a crazy person even crazier in death. Hayden insists that Vivien ask Ben about his time with her in Boston. She turns up the crazy when she discovers Vivien is pregnant and holds a shard of glass dangerously close to her stomach. Helpless, Ben is hog-tied in the basement (courtesy of Larry) when Norma releases him and says “Save the baby..” Is there something about the baby that will potentially release the ghosts of the house or bring some kind of closure or balance?

Violet and Tate end up at the beach where Violet nearly becomes a woman. Tate tears himself free from her and clearly hesitates to go any farther with her. He claims that maybe the meds Ben has prescribed has made him unable to perform. He really can’t when a group of murdered high schoolers show up and tell Tate they been searching for him for years. Tate apparently went on a shooting spree at his school and the letter jacket wearing kids were his victims. Does this mean Tate may have killed himself as well? They flash back to the skeleton-faced Tate from the fist episode.The bloody ghosts claim they should all be 34 years old right now. Tate plays it off that the kids are people from his school and just being jerks. Those are truly some gruesome costumes if so.

It this wasn’t enough, some other fairly terrible and revealing things happened. Larry does his best to torch the house with the family in it. Constance tells Violet that Tate is her son and asks her not to tell him about the death of Addy because he is fragile and couldn’t handle it. Jessica Lange does a fabulous job of switching between a normal grieving mother and self-absorbed monster.

On Halloween the dead can roam the earth freely, and some even run. The sunrise brings the entire gang of restless spirits home again, but sends Ben away as he goes along with Vivien’s wishes. The more I find about these people, the more fascinated I become. I love the pacing of AHS and enjoy each shocking revelation. Horror fans have longed for a show like this for some time. Not afraid to dumb things down or make true evil any less than it really is, American Horror Story continues to be a creative and intense FX hit.

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