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American Horror Story Review “Halloween Pt 1” (Spoilers)

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What the hell, AHS? Are you turning into the horror version of Lost? Cryptic clues, jumping back and forth in time, forcing me to learn at the slow pace of one hour a week is driving me nuts…in a good way.

AHS has it all. Literally. The cast and acting is so superior to most contemporary shows, the writing and directing are nearly perfect in my tiny little corner of the world. So, what did we learn tonight?

The S & M Demon hates bobbing for apples. Quinto’s neck is snapped as his Halloween decorating suddenly went terribly wrong. We get another glimpse of a couple that died in the house making a present day return.

Even with the help of “fluffers”, this house isn’t getting sold.

Addy isn’t content to go as Snoopy for yet another Halloween. The constant love/hate relationship between mother and daughter always perplexes me.

Half burned Larry isn’t getting his $1000 bucks, regardless of how he asks, or what he implies.

Are Tate and Moira really spirits? If so, how do they leave the home? Halloween free pass?

Our gay couple from the intro show up looking pretty alive and well, and still bickering, to help fluff the Harmon’s house on Halloween. Quinto’s line about the Rite-Aid witch costume was perfect.

Violet heads to the basement to meet Tate at midnight, but the creepy S&M demon is waiting for her. It’s actually Tate. Violet is not impressed, and Tate wants to know if he can really scare her. It’s time to dust off the Ouija board…but not before Tate tells her about Dr. Charles Montgomery’s macabre doings in the basement.

One of Montgomery’s patients, Tate says, told her boyfriend about her abortion, prompting the beau to make a threatening phone call to the Montgomery residence: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Just as she hears this on the phone, Nora Montgomery has a shocking realization and dashes upstairs to check on their baby. He’s gone. Kidnapped. Charles and Nora wait for the ransom demand, but it never comes. Instead, the police show up with a box full of jars. It’s their baby, in pieces. Charles, now completely insane, is bent on cheating death, and begins stitching the baby together with animal parts. The thing he created, Tate says, remains down there to this day. Violet doesn’t believe him.

Constance finally gets Addy a “pretty girl” mask, which was super creepy. Sadly for Addy, she is killed in the street by a Halloween hit and run. Constance seems to genuinely mourn her loss.

Moira visits her ailing mother at the hospital and turns off her respirator and lets her pass on. Her mom appears and begs her to come with her, but our hot red headed maid says she can’t. Trapped with the house?

The Harmons flip out on the fluffers and boot them out. Moments late Vivien and Ben rush to the ER with Viv having stomach pains. The nurse assures her the pain isn’t kicking since the kid is the size of a bean. With hesitation, the nurse asks if the baby can be older than 8 weeks old. She sees something on the monitor and promptly takes a horror header. Call me Nostradamus, but the kid is going to be the source of continued terror on this show. The terrible parasitic kind that LIVES IN YOU.

Oh, yeah, Gazebo Hayden is not so dead that she can’t make phone calls or knock on doors. Another person who died at the house that can’t seem to stay dead. I see a pattern.

I love this show. Love it. The small amount of back story every week is well worth the wait. The show is evil and that appeals to a lot of us who don’t want another watered down PG television show.

RIP Addy. For the time being anyway…

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