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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 10/28/11 8pm EST

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Forget all the blood and horror for a minute and remember to watch this timeless classic. The initial broadcast took place on October 27, 1966, airing on CBS, and kids have loved it ever since. It was an actual event at my house. My mom would bring home a nice fat pumpkin to carve, we would make caramel apples or some other Halloween treat. When the show started, we huddled on the couch or floor with all the lights turned out, the television and jack-o-lantern our only sources of light. I loved this family tradition and I still do. I haven’t missed a broadcast since I first saw it. I own the Blu Ray, but watching it as it airs promotes some magic as well.

If you need a synopsis of this program…then all hope for you is lost.

You can catch this classic on ABC October 27th, 8pm EST.

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