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Will Paranormal Activity 3 Succeed?

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It must be October because another Paranormal Activity is about to debut on 10/21. The first film was billed as “The scariest movie since The Exorcist.”


The only similarity to me is that these are both (technically) horror movies. One succeeded and will forever hold a spot with horror fans as a timeless terrifying film. The other is Paranormal Activity.

When I saw the first film at the theater, I honestly thought it was going to be a comedy a time or two. The “big” scares never raised my eyebrows. Other film-goers around me shared my “What?” attitude as well. The film never delivered, and when it tried, the scenes were just totally over the top. I laughed out loud at the ending. Paranormal Activity 2 was even worse.

The trailers for the newest entry seem to be somewhat intriguing. I’m a sucker for origin stories, and this seems interesting. I’ll probably shell out the nine bucks to see this at the theater. I’m always interested to see how the casual horror movie attendees react. Maybe I’ll be impressed if I just go in with no expectations whatsoever. Who knows. I would never recommend this franchise to any serious horror fan. Ever. Prove me wrong, PA3.

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