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The Walking Dead Returns for Season 2 – Sunday, October 16th

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If you live in a cave or mindlessly shuffle around looking for sustenance in the form of human flesh, you have good reasons to not be aware of The Walking Dead Season 2. If not, well, get a life, loser.

Tomorrow night gives us some early Halloween treats as the show makes it’s sophomore debut. People are legitimately concerned what this season holds for us fans since Frank Darabont was sent packing. I have faith that Robert Kirkman has pushed this series in the right direction with Darabont’s #2 man, Glen Mazarra, taking the wheel. This was a shock to fans and Darabont as well, after Frank spent so much time developing this outstanding comic for television. I’m sure there was a near riot at Comic-Con, which happened right after this terrible announcement regarding Darabont’s separation with the show. Like I said, have faith. If it sucks, I think it will be painfully and quickly obvious.

If you haven’t watched season one, there is still time to get caught up. You can watch it on Netflix streaming right now. With only six episodes comprising the season, this would be a very fulfilling and quick investment for you. AMC is also replaying all six episodes tomorrow night preceding the season 2 debut.

For the sake of argument, and you really aren’t in the loop here, The Walking Dead is a television interpretation of an Image Comics series created by writer, Robert Kirkman, and artist, Tony Moore.  The series debuted in 2003 and was an instant hit to both comic and horror fans alike. The series, as does the comic, chronicles a group of survivors trying to survive after a literal zombie apocalypse. The main character is a humble and likeable guy named Rick Grimes, a Cynthiana, Kentucky (go KY!) police officer who wakes up in a hospital to find the world has changed for the worst. He travels to Atlanta, GA , trying to find his wife and son, and encounters a host of different survivors along his travels. The show is as much about the relationships of the characters and their trials as it’s about zombies. The show received a lot of flack for the graphic nature of the show, but was a huge hit for AMC. It debuts Sunday’s on AMC at 9pm EST.

Tune in and give it a shot. What else you got going on? Breaking Bad already done for the season.

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